3rdpxwer Ep Album Release Review (PreciseEarz.com Exclusive)



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I must admit on 9/27/2013 3rdpxwer Michael Artt, Neptune, and NicX dropped a masterpiece. I cant forgot about J-Curse who dropped some bangers on the EP also. Emmit Breezy and Rvndy Savage are the creators of the production on the Ep. If your a fan of the 3rdpxwer movement you know they bring character to their music. But with the help of State of Mind Muzic Anthony Dent and Polizzy behind the project. You can see the growth they brought to the ep.
Last night at the album release party there was nothing but love in the building for 3rdpxwer. It was a great event at a great location. The art there looked original and brought an energy to the spot. Also Head Strong Clothing was out to launch their clothing. Which was fresh and you can find celebs like Ludacris rocking their tees. NicX made a presence coming in a head piece deskies for his fans. Taking pics with the audience outside the venue before entering. To see the buzz building is great to find at this level. Right now this is really witnessing Greatness. There was a pretty nice crowd there from the word of my mouth promo. Inside the event 3rdpxwer celebrated with the DJ breaking their new project tracks. Basically putting on a great showcase for the audience. Like stated before there was nothing but love in the building. Thats hard to find when it comes to artist and music. Usually somthing is forced but not here. Its all natural. The event ended great with food and drinks. The fans really got to interact with 3rdpxwer and take pics. Outside we caught up with NicX with a couple of words and pics.
Now to the ep. I listened so much to the cd actually stopped working. I need another cd ASAP! The Ep starts off showing that 3rdpxwer had matured for the better. Michael Artt and Neptune showed their flow and word play can be a weapon. Neptune always brings a positive energy to his music. Michael Artt just tells it for what it is. One of my favorite from them is “Bow Down” where they demand respect on the track. Nicx has finally decided to show love to his female fan base. He really showed alot of love to the ladies on the Ep. The track “Love It” with his favorite singer Aaliyah. That track is a true classic to me! Production is hard to find these days. But for 3rd they bring original sounds. Rvndy Savage and Emmit Breezy are really the future to this New Atlanta Sound. With 24 tracks plus a Bonus track. 3rdoxwer shows this is the launching pad for their take off! Now the EP is full of great music but im about to list my favorites.

1.Motives (Shows how 3rdpxwer has matured)
2.LateNightTip (Where the hipsters meet Crunk. Also something that could be played in an Adult Entertainment Place)
3.The Ghost of Chad (Michael Artt and NicX Classic)
4.Concentrate (Nicx showing he is focus. And Introducing J-Curse
5.Oiled Up (Funny track for the Ladies)
6.Love It (NicX lets his emotions go for the ladies)
7.YellowFEVER (3rdpxwer show they can do mainstream music)
8.Broken Pieces (Great singing on the hook. Great song layout)
9.Bow Down (Demanding respect and showing developement)
10.EBT (Realest Track on the tape. Down to earth Classic)Now thats pretty good out off 25 tracks. Thats not including favorites like Reggie Miller, DinnerDate Freestyle,

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