Hip-Hop Rumors: All Hell Breaks Loose In Atlanta!

What the hell is going on down there in Atlanta – more specifically on twitter. They just keep beefing back and forth like that’s what’s up. I much prefer the lyrical stuff that Papoose, Kendrick, Cassidy, Meek and those dudes are doing. Anyway, I was looking at the IC and these guys are on stuff I’m not. So, it seems like “Stringer Bell” of the IC found this was going on. All out Twitter beef with Gucci, Waka, OJ da Juice Man, Frenchie and more.

Now, there seems to be a couple key things going on.

– Frenchie accused Gucci of stealing from his artists.
– Frenchie also said that Gucci was paying the lawyer fees of the killer of Slim Dunkin, Young Vito.
– Then somebody said that Deb Antney (Waka’s mom) was stealing from OJ Da Juiceman
– Then Gucci claims he was offered $250k to buy Waka out of his deal and Gucci says he laughed at that foolishness. He apparently wants like $1 million for his prized possession.
-Gucci seemed to suggest that French Montana was sleeping wit Deb. I’m not sure about that though.


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